I believe that design can empower us to start living our daydreams.
Hello friend. I’m Inge — the human, designer and work-in-progress behind Cultivate Studio. I live with my husband and our two pups in Johannesburg, South Africa and work with clients across the globe.
“May we grow stronger & taller, our roots deeper, offering wider shade and sweeter fruit.
May we continually inch our way to the glorious source of sunlight”

– AmyAnn Cadwell
Bits + Pieces

INFP, 9w1

morning person who mostly starts the day before sunrise (also a lover of cancelled plans and a homebody who prefers jammies over real pants)

afrikaans is my first language, and i’m weirdly proud of that

at any given moment, you can bet that i have too many tabs open — in my mind and on my browser

working quietly behind the scenes, is where i thrive

in a perfect world, nothing would ever get messy + i would never have to clean

my desert island watch list includes The Office, Frasier, Gilmore Girls, and all the home makeover shows forever

i believe we’d all be happier eating more plants ☺

My Story
Truth be told, I didn’t exactly travel the traditional route to become a designer; but creating has been a part of me since I can remember.

Growing up, my younger sister and I interior-designed the heck out of her room (and I do mean drew on the wall with an orange crayon to illustrate where we wanted my mom to construct the secret door between our rooms).

Growing into my teenage years, I took up guitar lessons and still enjoy playing every now and then.

Growing with my now-husband and his passion for creating wood furniture, I made a few pieces of jewellery from his wood off-cuts and we exhibited together at a local crafters market during my student years.

During my final year, while tussling with econ subjects by day, I was able to immerse myself in the world of design by night — all thanks to a little poster about my university’s creative night classes that I saw completely by chance. I’m so grateful I answered that call, because what I found was a passion I had never even considered; the perfect combination of my left brain logic and my right brain curiosity.

Many stories shape the path that led me here, but here’s one lesson I’ve learned time and again: What’s most important is not that we always start off choosing the ‘right’ path, but that we simply keep moving in any way we can. Because life has a beautiful way of adjusting our direction to take us exactly where we need to go.


to prepare, nurture and grow

We can learn a lot about ourselves by observing nature. I’m especially fascinated with the different seasons and the distinct purpose of each. As humans, as creatives, as entrepreneurs, we continually experience new seasons in our pursuits — seasons of planting and dirtying our hands, seasons of nurturing and growth, seasons of failing and emerging victoriously. I chose the name Cultivate as a quiet reminder of our deep-rooted ability to persist through every season, so that we may ultimately see our dreams come to full fruition.

Season Songs
Favorite Things
iced coffee, chai tea, carbs, citrus-anything, fresh linen, dried flowers, white orchids, succulents, swings in big old trees, spring, autumn, sunny mornings, rainy weekends, crackling fireplaces, cozy cocktail bars, jazz playing in the background, chunky nits, stretchy pants, all the cheesy chick flicks, dogs, donkeys, nyalas

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